For Sound Mind Enterprises, LLC produces Conversation Pieces, family-run workshops for the family that encourage meaningful interaction and discussion that may not otherwise occur.  A variety of fun, thought-provoking activities centered around contemporary themes are used to stimulate candid conversation across generations.  In this way, families are better able to connect and build the resilience they need to meet the challenges of today's world.

Conversation Pieces are designed to be facilitated by 2-3 motivated family members.  Each downloadable module is intended to last 2½  - 3 hours.  It can also be divided into 2 sessions of 75 - 90 minutes each or a single activity extracted and used alone.  All workshop packages contain:

            A BASIC MANUAL

    • Guiding principles and outline to be used with all modules.
    • General handout to reinforce constructive, positive communication and relationship building at home after the workshop is over
    • Instructions for accessing the 1-hour conference call  conducted by Dr. Turner-Graham (included with purchase)


    • Ground Rules for healthy and productive conversations
    • Content outline for the family conversation "catalyst” (family member facilitator) focused on a contemporary issue
    • Age-specific handouts
    • List of supplies
    • An announcement flyer
    • Sign-up / sign-in sheets
    • List of additional resourses

A FREE sample exercise of Conversation Pieces is available for download.  It was developed to let you have a taste of the excitement and fun families can have while learning more about one another . . . simply having a (facilitated) conversation.  Download now!

Pre-Packaged Conversation Pieces

Module 1

WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET: Harnessing the Power of Vision

Children and adolescents will:

  • Understand the relationship between vision and the creation of one’s own life
  • Learn to recognize distracting road-blocks that can stand between them and their dreams
  • Envision the rewards of focused, diligent effort from stories of the family elders

Adults will:

  • Recall how the principles and power of vision have operated in their lives
  • Share stories of family success and resilience in the face of overwhelming odds
  • Have an opportunity to learn about the challenges facing younger generations
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Module 2

FOR CRYING OUT LOUD: Good Grief and Bad

Children and adolescents will:

  • Have a better understanding of the beneficial role of grief in our lives
  • Learn the difference between healthy and unhealthy grief
  • Understand why it is important to “grieve well”

Adults will:

  • Share experiences of grief, including what was and was not helpful in the grieving process
  • Deepen their understanding of the grief experience of children

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Module 3

HOW TO BE A BETTER LOVER: Loving the Unlovable
(Developed for a family with several ostracized, angry family members)

Children and adolescents will:

  • Hear about powerful love relationships in the family
  • Commit to address a current “love impasse” in their own life

Adults will:

  • Share examples of good and bad love relationships
  • Increase understanding of the transformative power of love

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New Conversation Pieces are continually being developed. Please inquire about additional offerings.


  • Enhance self-understanding and produce positive change.
  • Reconnect individuals to sources of personal power.
  • Provide tools for creating lives of sustainable health and wellness.

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