“I was thrilled to hear the uninhibited thoughts and dreams of our younger family members. They seemed to feel in a safe and loving environment and just opened up.”

Janice Olker

“Families often don’t talk about the things that matter, and this was a safe forum to do so. It was liberating to express feelings and share deeply, breaking down barriers that can inhibit real conversation. . .it strengthened our family bond.”

Isis Nelson

“It was so much fun to hear the aspirations of my grandchildren – and for them to hear each other. With a more ‘formal’ setting, each of us thought seriously about what we wanted to say; it was not just small talk. I felt enriched by these group conversations.”

Carol Hastings

“It seems that although you spend time with your family, you rarely open up in such a personal way with them. In a way it was a relief to have someone mediate this kind of sharing; it allowed everyone to express their hopes and fears without feeling uncomfortable. It also opens up the gates of communication and makes it easier to talk about these sorts of things afterwards.”

Isabella Sperduto

If you belong to a family with close ties like mine, learning how to love in a way that can be felt as “loving” is a challenge. We are all different with our own idiosyncrasies and in loving, we must learn to accept them all. I thought I had it (love for all) until I attended this workshop at our family reunion. My eyes were certainly opened. Sometimes it’s tough love, though with a sense of gratitude for the kinship. I now understand better what is required to truly “love the unlovable.”

Gwen Iles-Foster
  • Enhance self-understanding and produce positive change.
  • Reconnect individuals to sources of personal power.
  • Provide tools for creating lives of sustainable health and wellness.

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