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"Far too many communities and families have lost vision and hope for a better, more satisfying life. Emotional and physical distress becomes the norm, and mediocrity the most one comes to expect of themselves and others. My calling in life includes motivating others to invest in creating the lives they want.  If healthy lifestyle principles can be successfully woven into our daily lives, what a difference it would make! After all, our families and communities work best when empowered, healthy individuals inhabit them."

The work of FSME, LLC is founded on the belief that all persons possess untapped mental, emotional and spiritual capacities that can revitalize and reenergize life. The objective of all of our services and products is to create interactive spaces where persons challenge themselves and one another, build on strengths to address dysfunctional ways of living, while acquiring tools for meaningful change.  Generating "transformative life experiences" is our specialty.

ForSoundMind is led by a board certified psychiatrist and psychotherapist, Dr. Cynthia Turner-Graham who has seen more than her fair share of families in crisis. With a deep belief that good mental health and moral direction come from the positive support and guidance of the nuclear and extended family, Dr. Turner-Graham has developed programs that foster 'Soundmindedness' - a state of emotional wellbeing and self-assurance.   View Dr Cynthia's Curriculum Vitae

All of the goods and services offered by FSME provide a structure for constructive, healing conversations.  They are designed to reinforce positive interactions across generations, helping both young and old connect in ways that build character and a deeper sense of family. Younger generations develop a clearer sense of self, identity and personal power, while all family members build and strengthen the tools they need to function and succeed in today's increasingly complex world.


The vision of ForSoundMind Enterprises (FSME) grew from my experiences as psychiatrist and physician administrator.  I watched the powerful healthcare industrial complex wield increasing power over clinical decisions, and quality of patient care was subverted to the need to protect the bottom line.  In addition, negligible resources were committed to disease prevention or health, both of these rendering medical practice less satisfying, and often frustrating. 

Determined that my clinical experience and expertise would not be consumed exclusively by labor in this "disease care system", ForSoundMind Enterprises was borne in 2006.  I envisioned educating and empowering individuals and communities to be active participants in preserving optimal health for themselves and those they love.  From that decision, opportunities to do just that have been plentiful.  FSME is a work in progress, new programs and products continually under development.   Read Dr. Cynthia's Blog

The website will be regularly updated, so please stay tuned as FSME evolves!


Dr. Cynthia Turner-Graham is a board-certified adult psychiatrist, who graduated from the University of Kansas School of Medicine and the Vanderbilt University psychiatry residency program. While she maintains a private practice in Gaithersburg, MD, pursuit of a life of wellness both personally and professionally is the organizing focus for her life. Dr. Cynthia believes that we are all communal beings, functioning best within the context of community, and she is active in her community promoting health and wellness wherever she can.  She is married, the mother of three adult children, and grandmother of five beautiful grandchildren. 

Energized by the rich experiences provided by friends and families of diverse backgrounds, she is a proverbial "life-long learner' with special interest in the connection between culture, artistic expression and emotional health

  • Enhance self-understanding and produce positive change.
  • Reconnect individuals to sources of personal power.
  • Provide tools for creating lives of sustainable health and wellness.

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