Perhaps there is an undercurrent of tension in the family about which no one wants to speak.  Maybe your family has a difficult time pursuing and achieving common goals due to poor communication; something always gets derailed. 

Whatever the challenge, there are skills you can learn to constructively address the obstacles that stand between you and what you know your family has the potential to be. You possess the capacity to move into healthier, more positive ways of relating, beyond the places of apathy, standoff or avoidance. 

ForSoundMind Enterprises, LLC was brought into existence to help individuals and families lay hold to the latent, unexpressed capacities they possess. The emotional health and well-being of children and the adults who care for them is the foundation upon which the fate of our troubled world rests.  We believe that the much-needed transformation of our world begins at home; one life at a time, one family at a time, one community at a time, we can make a difference.

Contact Dr. Turner-Graham to serve your family, group or organization as a:

  • Consultant to Reunion Planners
  • Key-note Speaker
  • Motivational Speaker
  • Workshop or Seminar Leader
  • Process Group Facilitator



30 minute telephone consultation with Dr. Turner-Graham    $50

60 minute telephone consultation with Dr. Turner-Graham       $80

Consultations are useful for developing strategies to address specific family relationship issues as well as planning meaningful and fun family reunion activities. 

Inquiries to engage Dr. Turner-Graham as a speaker or workshop leader can be made by contacting her directly at  


INTRODUCTORY OFFER!  Regular Price - $800 Current Price - $500

If your family has grappled with an issue but cannot seem to get a handle on it, an interactive workshop experience can be developed by Dr. Turner-Graham to meet your need.  A contract will be mutually agreed upon prior to initiation of module development. 

Consultation requests can be made by sending your inquiry 1) from the "CONTACT US" page, or 2) via e-mail (  Once an agreement is made to proceed with the consultation, a mutually convenient time and date will be found, an invoice e-mailed to you by Google Check-out, and paid at least 12 hours prior to the scheduled consultation.

  • Enhance self-understanding and produce positive change.
  • Reconnect individuals to sources of personal power.
  • Provide tools for creating lives of sustainable health and wellness.

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